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By using our bags you help to reduce Co2 emissions. Reusable bags is the future in packaging.

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Pringle Shopping Bag

Pringle Underwear 
The Scandinavian wholesaler of Pringle Underwear uses shopping bags to promote the brand.

Printed Promotional Bag

The users of aGoodCause.com are not only shopping for a good cause but also helping the environment by using reusable bags.


Custom-made bags  


Promotion Bag is your professional supplier of bags, including shopping bags, grocery bags, carrier bags, tote bags etc. We are proud to call ourselves specialists in supplying durable bags with print for every purpose. We aim to provide full flexibility on the size, shape and design of your bag, so you can customize it to fit your every need.


We produce reusable bags in environmentally friendly materials such as Woven PP, Non Woven PP, Canvas and Cotton. These reusable promotion bags are becoming the industry standard compared to regular single-use paper and plastic bags, due to their sustainability and promotional value to customers - these bags are essentially walking billboards. In addition there is political will to promote reusable bags in order to limit the enormous waste of single-use bags.


Please explore this site to see how you can custom-design your bag to have your logo or design on every side of the bag.