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Our bags are available in a wide variety of materials and qualities and we specialise in providing our clients with recyclable materials with the highest durability in order to maximize promotional value without compromising the environment.


To read more about the materials we use, please see below for more information.



Woven PP


One of our most popular materials is Woven PP.


Benefits of the this material include:


- Strong carrying ability 

- High resolution print designs, e.g. logos and photos

- Your choice of base colour (The background colour for your designs)

- Waterproof surface makes Woven PP bags suited for all kinds of weather


Woven PP is short for woven polypropylene. Polypropylene is a strong but low priced synthetic fiber.


The material is considered one of the most environment-friendly types of plastic as neither manufacturing, usage nor disposal of polypropylene are associated with any quantifiable environmental repercussions.

We provide Woven PP in material thickness between 100-160g/m2. The vast majority of our clients prefer to use 145g/m2 material. We always use the very best quality of Woven PP material ensuring durable and beautiful bags.

Printing options on Woven PP:


- OPP film lamination

- Glossy lamination for a shiny look

- Matt Lamination for a more discrete look

- OPP film provides the possibility of printing high resolution pictures and logos with both glossy or matt look.


- Alu film lamination

- For extra glossy and shiny look


Woven PP material bags




Non Woven PP


Non Woven PP is another popular material that also is related to Polypropylene.

The material is soft and cloth-like with a water resistant surface.

We provide Non Woven PP in material thickness between 50-130g/m2. Most common used material types are 80, 100 and 120g/m2.

Non Woven PP is available in a wide range of colours and can when ordering larger quantities be dyed as requested in a matching Pantone colour. Please contact us for more information on available colours.


Printing options on Non Woven PP:


- Silk Screen Print

Suitable for simple prints in few and separate colours 


- OPP Film lamination with a glossy or matt look

Provides the possibility of printing high resolution pictures and logos


- Offset

Suitable for avanced print directly onto the Non Woven material


- Heat Transfer print

Suitable for avanced print in small sizes


Non Woven PP material bags




Cotton & Canvas


If you desire a classic Nose bag or a contemporary shopping bag we also offer bags in cotton and canvas material.

We produce in various qualities from thin and delicate cotton (aprox. 100g/m2) up to thick canvas (aprox. 450g/m2).

Furthermore, we have the possibility to supply certified organic cotton.

We are happy to help with guidance on which materials best suits your needs and desires.

On cotton and canvas bags we normally use Silk Screen or Heat Transfer printing.


Cotton & Canvas material bags




Other materials



PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) is a synthetic fibre. The material is normally used for manufacturing plastic bottles and similar types of containers.

Our PET Bags are manufactured from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles to ensure a green profile.

The printing on these bags is done with OPP Film laminating with either a glossy or mat look. Please note that the OPP Film is not recycled.


PE (Polyethylene) is yet another fibre commonly used in households and for consumer goods.

Our PE Bags are manufactured from 100% recycled PE Material to ensure a green profile. 

The printing on these bags is done with OPP Film laminating with either a glossy or mat look. Please note that the OPP Film is not recycled.


If you wish for your bags to be 100% recyclable, Jute material is the answer.

Jute is a natural fibre, can be manufactured with no damage to the environment and the material is 100% bio-degradable.




If you have any special requests for other materials, please let us know.

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