Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

What is the cost of producing bags?

The price of any bag depends on the material, size, print, features and quantity. For this reason we do not publish guidance pricing. We do however present factual quotes on the basis of your enquiry and needs. Do feel free to contact us to receive an offer or make use of our enquiries form.

How many do I need to order?

Minimum order quantity depends on the chosen type of material and print type. General quotes start from as little as 1,000. Please go to the product section where the relevant minimum quantities are displayed for all types of bags including types of print.

What about the delivery time?

Delivery is under normal circumstances 4-9 weeks from approval of sample, dependent on quantity and material.

If you have a specific deadline in mind, do feel free to contact us as special arrangement can be made.

Click here to see the manufacturing process from initial contact until delivery.

Can I design my very own unique bag?

Yes, the displayed models solely serve as inspiration.

Size and details, etc. can be adjusted as per your requirements.

At Promotion Bag we also have experience in supplying packaging products in special shapes and sizes in the same materials as our bags. Do contact us to learn more about these possibilities.

Who creates the design / layout?

Based on your requirements we are up to a certain extent able to participate in the design process.

Whether you provide us with a complete graphical layout or not, our designers always produce sketches and visualisations of the new bag. Once your approval is received we commence with the next stage of the project.

How to provide Logo / Artwork?

We prefer to receive files in .pdf format but do also accept the formats: .eps; .ai; .psd or .tif / .jpg with a minimum of 300 dpi.

If such are not at your availability just let us know and we will work out a solution.

If you use non Window fonts, please remember to send these along or display the written part as vector graphics.

Colours must either be in Pantone or CMYK.

Pantone colours are predominantly used for the production. CMYK are only used for printing of pictures or illustrations, hence when printing regular logos any CMYK colour will be converted to Pantone.

All Pantone colours originate from the Pantone Matching System and are used to maintain the same set of colours across countries and printing methods.

CMYK is the abbreviation for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. The combined mixture of colours produces the impression of colour seen by the human eye.

What Printing options are available?

We offer a wide range of printing options. Your preferred type depends on what material is preferred as well as what is to be printed. Do feel free to ask us for assistance if needed in this process. A summary of the main printing methods is outlined below:

OPP Film Laminating:

Shiny or matt look. Common priting method avialable for both Woven and Non Woven PP. OPP Film Printing allows for both normal logos as well as picture quality print in high resolution.


For extra glossy and shiny look on Woven and Non Woven PP.

Silk Screen Print:

Cost friendly printing method. Suitable for simple printing in few separate colours on materials Non Woven PP, Cotton / Canvas and Jute.


Suitable for Avanced CMYK print directly on PP Non Woven material.

Heat Transfer Print:

Suitable for avanced printing in smaller sizes. Mainly used on materials PP Non Woven, Cotton / Canvas and Jute.

What colours are avilable?

A wide range of colours are available depdentant on the type of material chosen.

Woven PP enables you to select the main colour as it is printed along with the general artwork. The same applies to additional materials when using OPP Film laminating or Alufilm (PP Non Woven, PE and PET).

Non Woven PP is available in a wide range of colours. By ordering larger quantities the PP Non Woven can be coloured into your desired Pantone colour. Even at lower quantities you have the option of specifying the desired colour whereby we can review if the requested colour is in stock.

Are the products environmentally friendly?

It is our aim that neither the manufacturing, usage or disposal of our products is to be associated with any quantifiable effect on the environment.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our materials or if you have specific requirements to the environmental friendlyness of your bags.

Life-span of bag?

All our products are made from strong material hence can stand being used again and again.

If you have special requirements for the strength of the bag in terms of carrying ability in kilos, stones or pounds we will be delighted to assist with recommendations on the choice of material, thickness, webbing, etc.

Payments Terms?

50% payment of the full invoice amount is due at the point of order. The invoice for the remaining 50% will be issued on delivery . Please click here to view our general Terms and conditions.

Point of delivery?
We offer to arrange delivery directly to any requested address in Britain.

How much space does a shipment take up?

The size of a shipment solely depends on the particular type of bag and the number ordered. Generally speaking it is possible to pack between 2,000-4,000 on one pallet.

How are the goods shipped?

Standard packing is 100 items in each box. Dependent on whether the ordered bag is small or large the items per box figure can vary. We do our best to make the boxes as handy as possible.


Please contact us to learn more about the many possibilities:
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