Printed Non Woven Tote Bags

In this section, you will find a selection of our printed Non Woven Bags. Non Woven is a popular material for printed bags due to its low costs and high degree of reusability.

  • The models on this page are only examples - we can adjust all sizes and details specifically for your needs
  • MOQ: 1,000 pieces for bespoke bags  
  • We also got Non Woven Bags on stock in standard sizes - here the MOQ is 250 pcs 

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Size: 330x400x100mm

Size: 340x400x110mm

Size: 400x340x180mm

Size: 250x320mm

Size: 300x350x100mm

Size: 400x300x100mm

Size: 350x410mm

Size: 430x390x120mm

Size: 700x430x180mm

Size: 330x400x130mm

Size: 350x450mm

Size: 450x330x110mm

Size: 280x230x180mm

Size: 180x230x100mm

Size: 550x380x180mm

Size: 170x210mm

Size: 150x200x150mm

Size: 450x330x110mm

Size: 350x400x120mm

Size: 340x400x110mm

Size: 380x320x120mm

Size: 330x400x130mm

Size: 300x400mm

Size: 300x500mm