Other Products

Explore this category and find inspiration for other products we offer.

These below examples are just an extract of products we have made for customers previously.

If you have a special idea for packaging, feel free to contact us. We are always ready to help. 


Size: 270x250x200mm

Size: 340x450mm

Size: 300x500mm

Size: 660x420x260mm

Size: 380x380x180mm

Size: 295x400mm

Size: 90x120mm

Size: 230x320mm

Size: 340x340mm

Size: 370x420mm

Size: 280x230x180mm

Size: 240x320x80mm

Size: 350x330x100mm

Size: 170x230mm

Size: 300x200x100mm

Size: 320x380x180mm

Size: 360x400x100mm

Size: 330x360x150mm

Size: 180x240x60mm

Size: 200x320x70mm

Size: 180x275x105mm

Size: 250x340x150mm

Size: 210x275x60mm

Size: 100x120mm

Size: 200x240mm

Size: 300x500mm

Size: 310x350xx220mm