Printed PP Laminated Bags

Here you will find our range of laminated PP Woven and PP Non Woven Bags. 

  • The models on this page are only examples
  • We can adjust all sizes and details to your needs
  • Minimum order quantity is 2,000 pcs. 

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Size: 450x380x180mm

Size: 480x380x160mm

Size: 400x350x190mm

Size: 340x270x120mm

Size: 380x440x140mm

Size: 650x450x200mm

Size: 340x270x150mm

Size: 300x400mm

Size: 360x400x130mm

Size: 450x450x180mm

Size: 400x300x150mm

Size: 310x350x220mm

Size: 700x560x120mm

Size: 370x420x120mm

Size: 400x280x100mm

Size: 420x320x160mm

Size: 350x320x160mm

Size: 390x340x120mm

Size: 340x270x150mm

Size: 400x350x190mm

Size: 350x400x130mm

Size: 500x400x200mm

Size: 600x450x200mm

Size: 450x350x100mm

Size: 400x350x180mm

Size: 380x320x120mm

Size: 350x150x250mm

Size: 440x360x200mm

Size: 450x350x250mm

Size: 600x500x150mm